RPF’s action against 674 in Igatpuri

65 cases in month
RPF’s action against 674 in Igatpuri

NASHIK: The passenger service of Central Railway is being restored and there is a huge congestion at the railway station. Meanwhile, action is being taken against third parties for illegally selling food on the railways and demanding money from passengers, and so far 65 cases have been registered this month.

In the last 10 months, 549 unauthorized peddlers have been prosecuted and around Rs 5,07,000 has been recovered from fines and 70,000 from 125 third parties Igatpuri Railway Security Force Police Inspector Rakesh Kumar said that Rudand was recovered. Igatpuri Railway Station is an important station of Central Railway and has a technical stop for all trains except Rajdhani Express. This makes the security of this station important.

Railway security forces are playing an important role in controlling illegal peddlers. The peddlers and third parties are being brought to the police station and fines are being collected. He also warned against wearing masks. People are being monitored 24 hours a day through 33 CCTV cameras on four platforms.

"The railway administration is on high alert to curb criminals and illegal peddlers. Many actions have been taken in the last 10 months. Action will continue. Passengers should follow the rules of the corona." - Rakesh Kumar, Inspector of Police, Railway Police Force, Igatpuri

Meeting of official and vendors

Railway security forces on Sunday at Igatpuri railway station called a meeting of food vendors. About 200 official railway safety of food vendors attended the meeting in the RPF’s office. Instructions were given to sell food items in strict compliance with all the rules laid down by the Railways. The vendors have been instructed to immediately inform if there was any suspicion activities or person at the station.

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