Rohit Pawar wins Ironman title

Completes race two and a half hours earlier
Rohit Pawar wins Ironman title

NASHIK: Son of the soil Rohit Pawar has successfully completed one of the toughest races Ironman competition held in Des Moines, USA on Sunday (June 12) with 14 hours of untiring efforts. In this tough competition, he competed in 4 km of swimming in 1 hour 25 minutes, 180 km of cycling in 6 hours, 52 minutes and running 42 km in 5 hours and 50 minutes. Rohit won the race 2 hours and 28 minutes ahead of schedule time.

He is the son of Dr Subhash Pawar from Nashik. Dr Pawar became the oldest and fastest Ironman in India by participating in the Ironman competition held in Mexico last year at the age of 66 and winning the competition two hours ahead of schedule.

About Rohit Pawar

Rohit Pawar was born on June 18, 1986 in Nashik. He completed his school education at St. Francis School, Nashik. He took his degree in engineering from Sinhgad College, Pune. Rohit currently works as a software engineer in Florida, USA. For the last 4 years, he has been focusing on exercise. His efforts definitely bore fruit as he bagged the Ironman title.

Winners so far

Amar Miyaji, Dr Ravinder Singal (IPS), Chetan Agnihotri, Mahendra Chhoriya, Arun Gachale, Prashant Dabri, Kishor Ghumre, Dr Vaibhav Patil, Dr Devika Patil, Arun Palve, Nilesh Zanwar, Aniket Zanwar, Dr Subhash Pawar and Rohit Pawar.

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