VIDEO : River pollution needs to be curbed, opine WHIS students
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VIDEO : River pollution needs to be curbed, opine WHIS students

Nikheel Pardeshi


The campaigning on Civic Sense has been started by Deshdoot from the very first day of the year. With an initiative to spread awareness about Civic Sense and on the various subject related to that including habits like spitting in public, unacceptable behaviour in public, social behaviour, traffic rules, plastic use, food wastage, pollution and many other issues.

As a next step of the campaign, Deshdoot started Kids Katta to make the next generation more aware. The Deshdoot team visited the city’s Wisdom High International School (WHIS) on Monday and interacted with kids on the issue of pollution.

The kids from class 6th and 7th, Trishal Modi, Nipun Besse, Ishan Khairnar, Pranda Wani, Vainavi Pandita and Medha Jha joined the discussion. The segment was conducted by Manasi Kelkar and Bhagyashree Umadi. Around 400 kids from the schools also participated in this interactive session. The kids expressed their views on the issue related to the pollution especially on the river pollutions and share incidences from their lives.

They highlighted that they feel helpless when they see pollution in river Godavari. The kids were seemed very aware of the issue of pollution. They expressed that the contamination of rivers from sewage water and chemical water from industry must be stopped by the authorities. They felt that the elders are not taking enough measures to save river Godavari and strong action which is required for this.

The kids were informed with various campaigns which are running around the world on pollution. When asked about the young environmental activist on climate change Greta Thunberg and her story was shared with them, the kids got a hope in their eyes and felt stronger.

The young ones promised to minimize the harm to the mother earth and said that they will work with their capacities to stop pollution and will spread the word about stopping it.  At the end of the session, the rapid-fire round was taken on Nashik city to see how much the kids know about their city.

The kids immediately answered all the questions. The Deshdoot Team also appealed to participate in Deshdoot Short Film Competition and Festival, by making a 50-second short film on Civic Sense.