Rise in road accidents after unlock

Rise in road accidents after unlock
Road accidentTwo of family killed, another injured in road accident

Nashik: The traffic was completely closed during the lockdown, which also reduced the number of accidents; However, as soon as it was 'unlocked', the traffic picked up speed. From June to the end of September, a total of 102 accidents occurred on internal roads, including state and national highways passing through the city. 39 people were killed and 91 passengers were injured in these accidents.

Nashik, Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad, Agra National Highways pass through Nashik city and its within the limits of City Traffic Control Branch. Also the inter district Nashik-Trimbakeshwar, Peth state roads are also connected. As soon as it is unlocked, the number of accidents has started increasing due to the increase in traffic on all these national and state highways, including internal roads and ring roads in the city. Irresponsibility of drivers is causing traffic violations resulting in accidents.

Major causes of accidents
1. Flowing in flagrant violation of speed limits
2. Driving under the influence of alcohol
3. Driving in violation of traffic rules, instructions
4. Overcrowding

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