Riding without helmet? Get ready for the test

600 violators appear for exam in six days
Riding without helmet? Get ready for the test

NASHIK: A total of 600 helmetless riders appear for the driving exam in six days to get their motorcycles back from the police’s custody. All the 600 motorists passed the test and took possession of their vehicles.

As per the new initiative of Nashik City Police, the helmetless riders in the city are sent to a two-hour counselling session, and they need to appear for a test to get their two wheeler back.

As per the orders of Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey, a total of 12 centres have been set up in the city to conduct tests of unruly motorists. The test was initiated from 1st December onwards, and 600 motorists at fault appeared for the test.

The police aims to generate awareness regarding the importance of wearing a helmet through this campaign and test. As per the information provided by Assistant Commissioner of Police Sitaram Gaikwad, the city police is conducting various campaigns across the city to make motorists realise the importance of wearing a helmet.

Through the initiatives like ‘No Helmet, No Petrol’ and ‘No Helmet, No Cooperation’, the number of helmet wearing motorists is increasing gradually in the city.

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