Resume bus services in rural areas

Memorandum to the Collector’s office
Resume bus services in rural areas

NASHIK: After the commencement of the city bus service by the Nashik Municipal Corporation, the MSRTC however has stopped the bus service to the rural areas adjoining the municipal limit, which is considered to be a big blow to the citizens particularly from the rural areas. In order to start buses in the areas adjacent to the city, orders should be given to the ST administration to start bus services from Panchavati depot and Nashik-1 depot within 20 kms of the municipal limit.

Such a demand has been made by Prahar Divyang Government-Semi-Government Employees and Officers Association by submitting a memorandum to the District Collector’s Office. The letter said that the corporation has started transport services to the citizens of the city. We are against this transport committee to start bus transport up to 20-km outside the municipal limits. Because it is time to rehabilitate the non-settled Panchavati depot workers who have been transporting the citizens for the last 30-35 years.

This has put a strain on the families of ST workers. It is time for many employees to leave home after the age of 54 and 55. However, this problem can be reduced to a small extent. Therefore, after taking a decision in this matter, orders should be given to the MSRTC administration to continue the rural bus service from Panchavati depot and Nashik-1 depot within 20 km of the Corporation limit.

If bus transport can be started in the city, then it is necessary to start ST service for the people in the rural areas and consider the financial looting of the passengers in the villages and hamlets by the illegal passenger transporters. The bus stand, depot and property owned by MSRTC should be banned from being sold or rented free of cost to the municipal transport service. Such a demand has been made through the letter.

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