Residents save ex-army man’s life

Residents save ex-army man’s life

DEOLALI CAMP: On Sunday afternoon, an ex-army man’s car abruptly stopped opposite the sweets shop on Howson Road, Deolali Camp, causing a traffic jam on the street. Social activists and Deolali Camp police on finding the army man unconscious broke the car’s glass, rescued the man, and admitted him to Military Hospital, the medical sources informed. The condition of the man is said to be stable now.

Around 1:00 p.m., Retd. Col R. P. Nair was travelling in his car, and his car stopped opposite the sweets shop. Even after 5 minutes, the car didn’t move leading to a traffic jam on the street. To check the condition, aware residents ran towards the car and found Nair resting his head on the steering wheel. Social workers Nitin Gaikwad and Mangesh Shindode immediately reported the matter to the Deolali Camp Police Station. Meanwhile, Shamrao Bhosale, Assistant Police Sub Inspector of Crime Branch Unit 2, reached the spot to clear the crowd.

Even Constable N. S. Bhujbal and Bangar reached the spot to help Nair. Seeing him suffer inside the car, the constables, with the help of ex-servicemen present nearby, broke the car’s door to take Nair to the hospital. As his condition was deteriorating, the police and various social activists present at the site took him to the military hospital. After a general check-up, the doctors stated that Nair’s condition is stable. The whole camp is praising the work of police constables and social activists Shindode, Gaikwad, Baban Kadekar, Vilas Sangamnere, Sandeep Mogal, Ambadas Palde, Sunil Pagare.

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