Reopening of schools, colleges : Written consent of parents is must

Descriptive guidelines issued to schools
Reopening of schools, colleges : Written consent of parents is must

Nashik: The classes IX to XII will be started from November 23. Against this backdrop, the state government has issued guidelines on health, hygiene and other safety measures before and after the commencement of school.

In addition to taking classes in the open field, the written consent of the parents will be required. The students will be called to the school for one day and the remaining 50 per cent students will be given online education. Parents should not send sick children to school, the school education department has stated in the instructions which have been issued.

Instructions have been given to clean and disinfect the school before restarting the school. It said the school should provide facilities for hand washing, thermometers, thermal scanners, pulse oximeters, disinfectants, soap, water and other essentials, as well as ensure cleanliness and disinfection of the school. Transportation facilities should be disinfected, schools should be set up in open spaces or other places if it is not possible to move the quarantine center elsewhere.

It will be mandatory for all teachers and teaching staff in the school to take the RT-PCR test for Covid-19 from November 17 to 22. The certificate issued by the laboratory for this test is to be submitted to the school management. The seating arrangement in the classroom as well as in the staff room should be in accordance with the rules of physical distance, there should be a seating arrangement in the classroom with one student on one bench.

The school should have guidelines on physical distance, use of masks, on the front of the school, strictly enforce the ban on spitting, make arrangements in crowded places like drinking water facilities, hand washing facilities, toilets.

Other important suggestions

  • - The school management committee should call the students to the school within a day to avoid the school crowd. 50% of the students will attend the online class one day and the remaining 50% will attend the actual class.

  • - The duration of the actual class should not exceed three to four hours. There will be a lunch break for actual classes.

  • - Students will need the written consent of their parents before attending school.

  • - The school management committee should discuss with the parents.

  • - Teachers should ensure that students do not exchange masks.

  • - No one other than students, teachers and staff should be allowed on the school premises.

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