Renuka Mata Mandir’s stepwell cleaned

Renuka Mata Mandir’s stepwell cleaned

DEOLALI CAMP: Dr. Rahul Gajbhiye, CEO of Deolali Cantonment Board, lived up to his promise as the board’s health department cleaned the Renuka Mata Mandir’s step well ahead of its reopening. Santosh Katare, RPI’s district coordinator, and Suresh Nikam, city president, had demanded immediate cleaning of Shri Renuka Mata Mandir area and religious stepwell in Bhagur, following the state government’s announcement of reopening temples.

Along with them, Deshdoot had demanded the board and published about the urgent need to clean the well. They asked DCB’s health department to clean the temple before 7th October. During their meet, Nikam stated that the Navratri festival is round the corner and the temple witnesses a rush of devotees for nine days. Even though they will follow all the guidelines, the devotees will gather in huge numbers.

The religious Barwa (stepwell) holds utmost importance in the devotees’ life, and many choose to bathe in the well as they consider it the holy water of the temple. However, the water wasn’t cleaned for the past several days and could have led to water-borne and mosquito-borne diseases. The CEO had assured everyone of a timely response, and he lived up to the residents’ expectations as the well got cleaned right before the temple's opening.

Fair Cancelled

As per the instructions of the district administration, the Cantonment Board of Deolali has banned the Navratri’s fair (Mela) held every year at Renuka Mata Mandir following the fear of Covid-19’s third wave. The board will take strict actions against the vendors who will put up their stall near the mandir.

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