Renowned calligrapher Nandu Gawande no more

Renowned calligrapher Nandu Gawande no more

NASHIK: Renowned calligrapher Nandu Gawande from Nashik passed away yesterday. The entire Nashik city is mourning his demise. He was known as a great artist and calligrapher.

The deceased Gawande was admitted to Shri Guruji Hospital in the city on Monday due to high blood pressure. Gawande breathed his last yesterday afternoon while undergoing treatment.

The feeling of losing a true artist was expressed by Prof Pandit Dr Aviraj Tayade. Gawande was one of the most talented artists known for his skills as a calligrapher and designer. From an early age, he had a penchant for drawing and writing. After schooling, he completed his art course in Nashik and later in Mumbai.

His skills enabled him to write letters as calligraphy and images, working with various tools, pens, brushes and later computers. Due to his skill, he had made various advertisements, logos, signs, layouts, book covers for many organisations, newspapers, academies, magazines, politicians etc. As a renowned calligrapher and designer from Maharashtra, he has been invited to teach, give speeches and exhibit his art at various institutes, arts and architecture colleges and schools.

He has organised various workshops and represented his calligraphy paintings from exhibitions in India. His paintings have been purchased by customers in the USA, Australia and Germany. His calligraphic works are included in the collection of the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy Russia.

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