Reliving history of Trirashmi Caves

Cave No.19 and 20 reveal existence of mankind 2,200 years ago
Reliving history of Trirashmi Caves

Nashik: The Maharashtra Buddhist Caves Conservation and Research (MBCPR) team had organized a Dhamma script and sculpture workshop at Trirashmi Caves popularly known as Pandav leni to raise awareness about the glorious history of the Satvahana kingdoms and the Buddha Caves. The workshop shed light on the history of Trirashmi Buddha Caves.

The encroachment at the site of the cave was also reported. Students from Mumbai and Nashik had visited the Trirashmi Buddha Caves in Nashik to learn about the ancient history of India, especially Nashik. Carrying notebooks and pens, history lovers from 12-year-olds to 65-year-olds as well as cave scholars took Dhammascript lessons in the Dhamma-script class for about an hour and also read the inscriptions. While studying the sculpture, cave scholars Sunil Khare, Prachin Jadhav and Santosh Waghmare gave various information.

Traders from Bharukachchh Shah in Gujarat, Govardhan village, Nashik city, Damchik city in Syria and present day Damascus city also accepted Buddhism. It is mentioned in the inscription here that he donated for the water tank in cave number 25. The sculpture shows a woman riding on an elephant and greeting the people with both hands. In those days women proved to have a place of equality.

Santosh Waghmare informed about Chaityastupa. Praveen Jadhav removed the misconception about the form of Buddha. At this time Rahul Khare, Vijay Kapdane, Dr. Vishal Jadhav, Amarkumar Salve, Hemant Tapase, Anant Davre, Dattu Ingle, Dr. Rachna Urade, Akash Khare, Satish Sardar, Suresh Kamble, Sonali Nisargan, Vijaya Tejale, Balasaheb Salve and others were present.

"The study of inscriptions shows that the name of Nashik in Caves No. 19 and Cave No. 20 was Nashik even before 2,200 years ago. Ancient Buddha Caves are the heritage of the whole of India. It is the duty of all Indians to nurture and preserve it." - Sunil Khare, Cave Researcher

Visits to caves

The students also visited the newly researched group of caves from Cave No. 1 to Cave No. 25. The students got to know the details of the area including the Chaityagriha, Bhikku Niwas Griha, Vihar, Sabha Mandap, Bhojan Guha and other chambers.

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