Relief to residents as vegetable market shifts

Relief to residents as vegetable market shifts

Nashik : The municipal corporation has finally arrived at a consensus with the vegetable vendors and local residents to shift the vegetable market from crowded place to a safer location in Jatra Hotel area.

For the last few years, the vegetable market is filling in Jatra Hotel area. There has been a long standing demand to relocate the vegetable market elsewhere as it has been causing a major obstacle to traffic on Service Road and other areas.

Eventually, the vegetable market was relocated through th efforts of Panchavati Ward Committee Chairperson Sheetal Malode. Now this market is being filled on the internal lanes including Mahalakshmi Nagar.

Construction of new flyover from KK Wagh College to Jatra Hotel is underway on Mumbai-Agra Highway. The construction of the flyover is nearing completion.

Earlier, due to the vegetable market filling up on the service road to the north in the Jatra Hotel area, the driving was getting more stressful. Often minor accidents have also occurred.

Against this backdrop, there was a demand from the citizens to relocate the vegetable market to a safer place. Panchavati Ward Committee Chairperson Malode paid attention on this issue and discussed the same with the vegetable sellers considering all the circumstances.

With their consent, the vegetable market on service road is now being filled on the internal lanes in Mahalakshmi Nagar. As a result, the vegetable sellers along with the citizens of the area have expressed their satisfaction.

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