Record saplings production in Jakhod Central Nursery

Record saplings production in Jakhod Central Nursery

NASHIK: Jakhod Central Nursery, which comes under Forest Range Taharabad, has succeeded in producing a record number of saplings this year. Under the guidance of the deputy divisional officer of Malegaon, J. N. Edalwar, and with the efforts of Forest Range Officer, Taharabad, Shivaji Sahane, a variety of wild tree saplings have been produced at the nursery this year.

Saplings of sitaphal (custard apple), bamboo, karanj, Kanchan, amla, shisav (shisham), mango, bor, umber, mahogany, etc, have been produced. One of the special highlights of the record plantation is that 200 saplings of sandalwood have been produced this year on an experimental basis.

Almost two lakh saplings have been produced this year in this nursery. The saplings shall be distributed to increase the forest cover of various villages. These villages include Rahud, Bilpuri, Bhilwad, Katarwel, Maliwadi, Chafyacha Pada, Jad, Manor, Mulher, and Mordara. As per the government’s orders, these saplings shall be planted in these villages by July end.

The saplings are produced in the nursery from December to June. These seedlings were obtained through a variety of sources. Almost fifteen labourers were required for the plantation of these seedlings. Nursery employee Devidas Kambadi had gathered the labourers for the plantation purpose. All employees of the forest department were determined in the plantation process. A good forest cover will serve the villagers and protect the environment as well.

Borgad Conservation Reserve is a perfect example of how a hilly area was turned into a reserve with the combined efforts of the Nature Conservation Society of Nashik and villagers. Villagers preserved the forest and nurtured it like a newborn baby. Now, the villagers are receiving resources in abundance through the reserve. Similarly, if the villagers of the abovementioned villages preserve these saplings, their efforts shall definitely bore fruits in future.

"According to the government policy, sapling planting is initiated every year through the forest department. New saplings get ready to be planted on 215 hectares of land in rainy season."- Shivaji Sahane, Range Forest Officer, Taharabad

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