Reading calms the soul

Reading calms the soul

NASHIK: On the occasion of World Book Day, many people took to social media to share their favourite books, authors, and the happiness reading gives them. From posting their aesthetic pictures with the books to becoming a novel critique, the readers have their world of imagination. There are public libraries for students and adults to read and explore the world. Some people even have a private collection or a private library at home, which shows the love and interest of people in reading. To understand how reading affects a person and why so many people prefer reading a diverse set of books, Deshdoot Times spoke to them.

“Reading books helps me in staying calm. When I read books, I feel like the world around me has stopped, and I have entered a completely new dimension. In the dimension, I am a free bird with no tensions. I think that I have a beautiful story to read, and then everything around me doesn’t matter anymore. However, once I finish reading the novel, the reality brings me back.” - Ritik Dalwani

“Even though I read books because I love reading about SciFi, I started reading to improve my vocabulary and English language. Somebody told me the more I read, the more I learn. Nobody is perfect, but we can at least try and better ourselves. I take out 1/2 hour for reading every day. I want to increase the timing, but as I am a science student, I have a lot on my plate.” - Harsh Daryani

“I read because I can imagine every scene according to my own will. In movies, certain scenes are shown in a certain manner. Sometimes, we wish the makers should have chosen better actors and characters. However, while reading, I am the director, cinematographer, and everything else. The feeling is beautiful, and so are the scenes in the head.” - Aditya Mahajan

“I read only for a reason i.e. my brain gets diverted from overthinking. I overthink a lot throughout the day. As a result, my brain and body get tired. When I start to read, my brain moves its focus from all the problems to the novel’s story. I would do anything to keep my brain at rest. To all the overthinkers out there, reading is like therapy for me. You should try it too” - Saloni Jadhav

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