Readers applaud our editor's article

Corona Scare or a shopping spree ?!
Readers applaud our editor's article

NASHIK: Deshdoot Times yesterday published the article “ Corona Scare or shopping spree?!”, by Dr Vaishali Balajiwale, Executive Editor of Deshdoot Times. Our readers responded overwhelming to this article. Here we publish some of the reader responses.

  • Very true Vaishali, You portrayed the grim situation and raised questions that people aren’t really aware of or not given a serious thought. Don’t understand why.

    Yesterday the Covaxin vaccine was made available in only 3 centers in Nashik for 45+ exclusively second dose. My parents too were waiting desperately past 15 days for their Covaxin second dose.

    So in search of that I happened to go to Panchvati Karanja via RK. I experienced that. The crowd was maddening. Rightly mentioned by you, they are mere excuses. Did we actually die of hunger past whole year inspite of sudden announcement of lockdown.

    Though lock down was strict but each one got all essentials. I’ve seen people stuck like honey bees to not so essential goods.

    Nearly 30% people were without masks, not masks pulled down, they are not wearing masks at all.

    And I’m sure many people will surely develop symptoms in 4-5 days. Again numbers will go high, rush for beds, oxygen, medicines, again lock down. These support spreaders will make noise and blame authorities, state, centre, administration. Why should other responsible people be deprived of medical care for these people’s carelessness? Very disheartening.

  • Yeah, well written and apt topic raising valid questions. When will we learn. More than govt I think people’s discipline and they way we take ourself (Indians in general) are the main reason for this crisis.even wine shop were operating secretly... Gosh !!!

  • Great.

    This observation and survey may click as an eye opener for at least some.

  • Sorry state of affair .. You make it sudden..they will breach as no chance was given If you give chance... They will breach for stocking...

  • Very true.. Very challenging situation.

  • True... It is next to impossible in India... When will people realise the seriousness.
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