Ram Janaki Sangh steps up in face of crisis

Free meals to Covid patients; contact through phone
Ram Janaki Sangh steps up in face of crisis

NASHIK: In the midst of an unprecedented surge in Covid-19 cases across the city, as social media platforms emerge as national helplines, several citizens and small-scale collectives have taken up the mantle of helping fellow residents in distress and responding to phone calls, SOS messages sent by them seeking food, hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, plasma, and medicines. One of them is Ram Janaki Seva Sangh Trust.

They are offering free meals to Covid patients over the phone. When the first lockdown in the country began last year due to the Corona crisis, many helping hands came forward to donate food to the poor. Even in this year’s lockdown-like situation, many people, following the religion of humanity, have rushed for food donation. Chirag and his team is satisfying the hunger of many through free food and its free home/hospital delivery. Chirag is an Art of Living instructor.

He has put the message of ‘Art of Living’ in front of the society in the true sense of the word by taking up the initiative ‘Food donation is the best donation’. Understanding the crisis as an opportunity, many have marketed humanity in the Corona crisis and the black marketing for oxygen and Remdesivir has started. Even in such a negative environment, many individuals, organisations and institutions are trying to help the people without giving up humanity. In the second wave of Corona, many have started serving food for the poor and needy.

In this second wave, many people are home quarantined and in many places, the entire family is affected. In such a situation, many people have to work hard to get two meals a day. In view of this problem, Chirag of Ram Janaki Seva Sangh Trust has started a free meal service for Corona patients. At 14 places in the city, they provide food to the needy on one phone call. They provide free meals to patients who are being treated at the hospital and also who are being treated at home.

They provide lunch boxes to 300 to 350 people a day. In it, vegetables, chapati, varan, rice are served. Friends from the field of caterers, doctors and engineers are cooperating in their work. Prashant Jadhav, Pawan Khetwani, Bhushan Malik, Mukund Nikumbh, Gunjan Deshmukh and Hande sir are participating in this initiative. The curfew will continue till April 30. Chirag and his team has decided to satisfy the hunger of the needy till then.

"As my parents were doctors, I always wanted to help people in this crisis. Distributed food and groceries during the previous lockdown. This year, with the help of friends, we are providing free meals for the needy. A lunch box is delivered to the needy on a phone call. In addition to training in the Art of Living, we also run an old age home for senior citizens." - Chirag Patil, Ram Janaki Seva Sangh Trust

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