Rains wash away smart city’s paver blocks again

Rains wash away smart city’s paver blocks again

NASHIK: This year too, the paver blocks/tiles installed by Smart City for Goda beautification have been washed away in flood water. Even though there was often opposition from Nashikites to install these tiles, the Smart City however carried out this work. Last year too, it was seen that paver blocks were washed away in light rains.

At that time too, citizens had protested. The people have expressed strong displeasure that despite any opposition, the Smart City Company has continued with its flooring work.

Many experts have also explained with evidence that the stone used for this, its thickness does not fit the rules. The picture also became clear at this time that the flood water level has increased by four to five inches due to the installation of tiles.

To consult the archaeology department

Steps of a temple under the supervision of the archaeology department were removed for renovation. When the matter went to the department, they also issued a notice to the Smart City Company. The Smart City replied that the steps will be re-installed. As these steps were also washed away in this flood, now everyone is wondering about the work.

When experts share their views on Deshdoot platform

A Samvad Katta was held on behalf of Deshdoot about the paver blocks being installed in the Goda basin for beautification of the river bank. In this interactive session, the experts and Goda lovers opposed the installation of paver blocks on scientific ground.

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