Rains turn prospects sour for grape growers

Authorities conduct assessment of crop damage
Rains turn prospects sour for grape growers

Nashik: In times of when the grape and onion export season has started after the Corona crisis, distressed farmers had to face another challenge in the form of unseasonal rains. For the last two, three days, especially, grape growers and onion producers have severely hit by the whimsical climatic conditions.

The vineyards, which cost at the rate of Rs 111, now have to pay only Rs 7 for the winery. Early pruned vineyards in Niphad taluka have developed with full sugar. On one hand the vineyards are ready for sale while on the other hand rains are hampering the prospect of harvest.

The bunches in the vineyard which are covered with paper have been severely damaged by rain water. As a result of heavy rains, black spots are developed on the grape seed covered with papers.

Sahebrao Nanasaheb Rahane, Sanjay Nanasaheb Rahane and Nivruti Pandurang Rahane, three brothers from the same family in Mauje Sukene, suffered huge damage to their vineyards spread on four and a half acres due to incessant rains. The vineyards, which cost Rs 111, now have to pay only Rs 7 for the winery.

Farmer Sahebrao Rahane's one acre vineyard was sold for Rs 111 before the rain damages his produce of about 550 quintals. However, due to sudden rains, the vineyards damaged severely. The farmer now had to sold it at a meagre price of Rs seven only for winery.

It has been raining more or less continuously since Monday. About 200 quintals of grapes from his younger brother Sanjay Rahane's 1.5 acre vineyard have also been damaged. His third cousin, Nivruti Rahane, has lost 225 quintals of his two-acre vineyard.

Their vineyard harvesting was to begin in the coming week. About 500 to 550 quintals of grapes on four and a half acres of farm owned by Rahane brothers have been destroyed and it is time for them to bear the loss in lakhs due to the untimely rainfall.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Officer Bhad has completed assessment of crop damage in the presence of upsarpanch Sachin Mogal, panchayat members Dilip Chavan, Tukaram Mogal, Rajaram Mogal, Ratnakar Mogal, Hemant Mogal andt Sahebrao Rahane. The family members are expecting fair compensation from the government.

Black spots on grapes

The unseasonal rains in and around Lasalgaon have hit the grapevines severely. Onions, wheat, vegetables and other crops have also been severely damaged. Due to the rain, the bunches of grapes covered with paper got wet. As a result, the bunches of grapes have turned completely black.

I am a marginal grape grower and was completely depend on this vineyard. Now I expect maximum help from the government.

- Sahebrao Rahane, farmer (Sukene)

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