Rail project to boost industrial development

Rail project to boost industrial development

Mumbai-Pune-Nashik golden triangle will be strengthened

Nashik: The Nashik-Pune Semi High Speed ​​Railway project will help in strengthening the cultural ties between the two cities as well as the educational and industrial, business and trade ties. Currently, the highway between Nashik and Pune is the only base for road connectivity that takes at least 5 to 6 hours.

As a result, business relations between the two cities could not be closer as it should be. At the same time, Pune is famous as the education hub. The number of students going to Pune for education is large. However, after the proposed Nashik-Pune four-lane railway, the time to bridge the gap between the two cities will be reduced.

The biggest obstacle in developing the Golden Triangle of Mumbai-Pune-Nashik was the connectivity of Nashik and Pune. Following the four-laning of roads, the railway connectivity will further strengthen the golden triangle by bringing the two cities closer in a real sense.

Nashik is a fast growing city. It has 16 to 17 engineering colleges and a network of 21 international schools. Through it, it is emerging as an education hub. There are 300 small and large IT units operating in the city. Nashik has a large chain of engineering and electrical industries also. Quality inspection and development of engineering products is done through Nashik Engineering Cluster.

In addition, the CPRI testing lab, which is moving towards completion, will provide testing facilities for electrical products not only in Maharashtra but also in the adjoining states. It will help strengthen industrial and business ties between the two cities. Along with this, the ‘second home’ concept will also give a boost to Nashik’s housing sector. Entrepreneurs will come forward to set up industries in the Sinnar Industrial Estate on the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor.

The Manmad-Indore railway line has been approved. Besides, work on Nashik-Pune railway line has also been expedited. As a result, Nashik will come forward as an important link connecting North India with South India by rail. Due to this semi high speed railway service, Nashik-Pune distance can be completed in 2 hours. Therefore, employees, workers, students or IT engineers residing in Pune on rent can travel from Nashik to work every day. This will give much-needed impetus to the economic development of Nashik.

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