Published draft ward structure unacceptable: Bhor

Bhagur Municipal Elections 2022
Published draft ward structure unacceptable: Bhor

DEOLALI CAMP: While expressing dissatisfaction over the published draft ward structure, Kailash Bhor, city president, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, submitted a letter to the district election officer and demanded the removal of residents’ names, belonging outside Bhagur Municipal Council’s limits, from the local voter list.

He stated the published ward structure under Bhagur Municipal Council 2022 general elections programme has been prepared inaccurately and is full of discrepancies. The entire ward structure has been created without adhering to the government’s criteria, and this step is unjust and unfair for honest candidates.

The government has clarified the boundaries for the municipality. However, various areas of Bhagur rural, registered under Zilla Parishad and Deolali Cantonment Board, have also been included in the municipality’s boundaries. Even Bhagur’s Gaothan area has been included in the council’s boundary.

While suggesting the changes required, Bhor stated the government has clarified council’s boundary in its development plan; a map regarding the same has also been published. The council should form the wards according to the map provided by the government.

They have also provided a number to each house in their development plan. The council should mention each house’s number and directions in the proposed ward structure. The plan of the ward structure published at present is extremely vague.

There is a discrepancy in the current ward structure and the government’s approved development plan. Due to the unjust structure, names of voters belonging outside the council’s limits have also been included in the list, thus ruining the true essence of democracy.

To conclude, he stated the election officer needs to review the structure and take concrete steps to provide justice to all. As alleged by Bhor, their party has submitted written complaints with proof frequently to the election officer and await strict action.

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