Provide parking space before towing operation

NCP youth wing warns of agitation
Provide parking space before towing operation

NASHIK: The city is in dire need of parking spaces. The corporation needs to provide adequate parking spaces to Nashikites, and then, the city police can launch its towing operation.

If city police doesn’t stop towing action till Nashik Municipal Corporation provides adequate parking spaces, the Nationalist Congress Party’s youth wing will stage an agitation.

The NCP youth wing’s city president Ambadas Khaire submitted a letter to Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey hinting at the agitation of towing operation doesn’t stop.

The lack of parking spots in the city’s main markets causes great inconvenience to motorists. As a last option, motorists and drivers park their vehicles by roadside. Then, their vehicles get towed the owners need to pay heavy fines. In the name of fines, many towing workers have started their businesses in the city.

To earn more, the towing operators hastily pick up all the vehicles parked on the road and thus, cause great damage to vehicles.

When the vehicle owners confront them regarding the damage, the operators threaten them and use abusive language. First, the pandemic hit the businesses severely, and now, the fear of towing keeps customers away from the markets.

The tradition of roadside parking started following the smart city fuss. Even today, the corporation hasn’t set up appropriate parking spaces for Nashikites in the city, and this situation has left Nashikites helpless.

The police needs to stop towing operation till the corporation allots parking spaces for the city’s main markets and take strict actions against miscreants setting up their business in the name of towing. If the police doesn’t stop their operation immediately, the NCP youth wing will launch an agitation.

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