Proposal to acquire 100 electric buses

Proposal to acquire 100 electric buses

NASHIK: It has been a year since Nashik Municipal Corporation launched city buses in the city. However, out of 250 buses, 207 buses are currently plying on the roads. Some CNG and some diesel buses are included in this. Meanwhile, the government has decided to give preference to electric vehicles to protect the environment.

A policy has also been designed in this regard. Earlier, the municipal corporation has sent a proposal to the Central Government to procure 50 electric buses. Now the central government has launched a new National Clean Air Programme’ (NCAP). Under it, for the next five years, Nashik Municipal Corporation is going to demand a total of 100 electric buses. According to this new policy, the central government along with the state government will give a subsidy of up to Rs 60 lakh per bus. A special meeting of the Transport Committee was held in Nashik Municipal Corporation yesterday under the chairmanship of Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Ramesh Pawar.

After discussion, it has been decided to send a proposal for 100 electric buses to the central government. Under the Central Government’s National Clean Air Programme, the Central Government will pay about Rs. 45 to 50 lakhs for an electric bus costing Rs. 1.5 crores, similarly, the state government will pay 10 percent of the cost of the vehicle or Rs. 15 lakhs, whichever is higher.

Due to this, about Rs 60 lakh will be received on behalf of the Centre and the State government, while the Nashik Municipal Corporation will process the tender and discuss with the contractor and the contractor will buy the vehicle, while the Municipal Corporation will fix the rate and enter into an agreement.

TV in municipal buses

Last year, Nashik Municipal Corporation launched city bus service. It is getting a good response from the citizens. Currently 207 buses are running on the roads and earning about Rs 21 lakh per day, while about 93000 people travel daily, the bus service of Nashik Municipal Corporation is currently in loss. Due to this, bus service on five routes is currently being considered to be stopped.

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