Prof Chaudhary saves life of a child

Successful use of vocational training for treatment after shock
Prof Chaudhary saves life of a child

NASHIK: The prof Sanjay Chaudhary gave a new life to a 5-year-old boy who fell unconscious due to shock near Dhandai Mangalkarya in Panchavati area on Sunday. In the first year course of ITI, first aid is taught in case of shock. Sanjay Chaudhary informed that the same treatment has given life to a small boy. While working at Nashik ITI 25 years ago, a boy named Deshmukh from Deolali fell consciousness due to electric shock while working. Even then, Prof Chaudhary had saved his life by using mouth to mouth method.

Today, the boy is working as a TC in the railway department. Having all the knowledge in the subject of electricity, he gave life to both of them. He explained that immediately after the onset of shock, the patient should be treated immediately in three ways. The first method is mouth to mouth - in which the patient is given artificial respiration by another person through the mouth and the second sylvestor method is to loosen the patient’s clothes and bend them towards the neck and legs.

Also in the third Nelson method, lying on the back, loosening the clothes and pressing the palms of both hands on the side of the heart helps to start breathing. Also, while treating shock, a person who is in shock should not be given anything to drink.

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