Prioritise economy for country's development: MP Supriya Sule

Prioritise economy for country's development: MP Supriya Sule

NASHIK: The country’s economy is stable and not like that of Sri Lanka and Pakistan. However, the economic cycle shouldn’t create a state of panic for citizens. MP Supriya Sule stated that for a country’s development, one should prioritise the economy and put aside political differences.

She was speaking at a seminar organised by Nashik CA Association. Former MLA Hemant Takle, senior auditor Shivdas Daga, former President Piyush Chandak, CA Association President Sohail Shah, and General Secretary Sanjivan Tambulwadkar were present at the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, MP Sule said, “The state’s debt waiver scheme has benefited the business community as well as the government. Central government should come up with a debt waiver scheme for two years, which will solve many problems”. She added that this year, the GST collection witnessed a record, implying the government’s hard work. There was a gap in the system in the past.

Nashik’s misal best

The market promotes anything which is in trend and is people’s favourite. The market has acknowledged that Nashik’s Misal is the best. It is gaining popularity regularly. It is also being promoted on social media, and the taste is unchanged.

World record of raids

Anil Deshmukh is in jail. The fact is that he was raided 109 times. It is like setting a world record of maximum raids on an individual. However, the question of why government agencies have to raid so many times remains unanswered.

'One district, one product system' supporter

The Center has implemented one district and one production scheme, but it needs to be taluka wise. It will adversely affect other crops grown in the district. She said that matter will be discussed at the Centre.

Step out of gender and social traps

While addressing various dignitaries and media persons present in the hall, MP Supriya Sule stated that society needs to step out of the gender and social traps and look at things from a broader perspective. Mrs Sule was speaking at a programme organised at Kusumagraj Memorial on Sunday afternoon where various women dignitaries representing mental health, education, art, medical and other fields spoke to her about their expectations from the state government.

“I have often been referred to as a female representative. I am a representative just like the other representatives. We need to fight the deeply rooted gender disparities”, she said.

Sule stated with the changing times, society is becoming regressive instead of progressing in various aspects. The amount of importance citizens assign to superstitions is unacceptable. With the changing era, one needs to move towards modernisation and not backwards.

One needs to respect their country’s culture and embrace every part of it. People need to overcome religious barriers and focus on development. Nobody cared about the religion during Covid-19. The country fought together and needs to keep the same spirit alive.

She suggested everyone question the Maha Vikas Aaghadi government and demand data regarding job creation, health, education, infrastructure, and various other disciplines. She opined on the need to question the government and improve the status of Maharashtra state across the country by demanding changes and justification.

One of the dignitaries spoke on the need for hygienic female public toilets on various highways, stating the state needs to work harder on health and hygiene. One of the entrepreneurs magnified the need for female washrooms in MIDC areas, stating the areas have a swimming pool and other amenities, but not a basic necessity.

While a clinical psychologist spoke on the need to increase mental health awareness among females, other activists requested urgent attention to Godavari’s pollution. One of the entrepreneurs, who recently launched her company to teach classical dance to females, stated they received help from the Telangana government and expect the same from Maha Vikas Aaghadi.

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