Primary ward structure to be submitted on Monday?

Primary ward structure to be submitted on Monday?

NASHIK: The Nashik Municipal Corporation administration has almost finalized the draft plan of the ward structure which is attracting the attention of various parties as well as Nashik residents.

It is understood that it will go to Mumbai next Monday. At present, there are 122 members in Nashik Municipal Corporation. Now the number has increased to a total of 133 members. There is talk of unexpected changes in the composition of wards by the administration this year, but only rumours will be heard until the composition is announced by the government.

The Election Commission had sent a letter to Municipal Commissioner Kailas Jadhav ordering him to prepare a rough plan for the forthcoming municipal elections before November 30. From that point of view, it is understood that the administration has prepared a rough plan by working on the battlefield.

The Google Earth map is used while creating the ward structure. The boundaries of the enumerator groups will be shown in green on the map. The enumerator group numbers and the population of those enumerator groups will be shown.

The boundaries of the census wards will be shown in blue. The important places of the city like roads, rivers, streams, railway lines, and other structures will be clearly shown on the map. The boundaries of the new constituencies will be marked in red.

The size of the maps will be such that the number of enumerator groups shown on the map, population, and other details can be read. Maps should be easily handled, created in two or three sections if necessary. A separate map of each ward will be prepared. Its boundaries will be clearly shown.

It has been ensured that the enumerator groups included in each ward and the enumerator groups included in that ward are the same as per the map. Also, the raw plan will be finalized only after ensuring that the population figures obtained from the census are properly shown.

According to the 2011 census, the population of Nashik Municipal Corporation was about 14.85 lakh. The population and the number of voters in the ward will be decided by increasing it to some extent on average.

The upcoming municipal elections in Nashik will be held according to the three-member ward structure. Of these, 43 wards will have three members and one ward will have 4 members. The total population in a three-member ward will be around 30,000 to 35,000, while the four members in a ward will have a population of about 40,000 to 45,000. It is understood that Nashik Municipal Corporation is ready to prepare and send the raw plan on 22nd November.

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