Preventing vector-borne diseases during monsoon

Preventing vector-borne diseases during monsoon

NASHIK: Mosquito-borne diseases are caused by bacteria, parasites, or viruses spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. Around 700 Million suffer from such diseases annually, resulting in over one million deaths. Common types of mosquito-borne diseases include malaria, yellow virus, dengue, chikungunya, and Zika. Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquito species spread dengue and chikungunya during the daytime.

Female Anopheles mosquito is responsible for spreading malaria during the nighttime. Nashik district is witnessing a rise in the number of cases in recent times, and with the pandemic already wreaking havoc in everybody’s lives, it has become important to take care of one’s health. Below mentioned are some of the tips that residents need to follow to ensure sound health and well-being this monsoon.

  • Never let water accumulate in your area, as stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Check out for accumulated water in buckets, coolers, containers, or any other vessel.

  • Make sure to keep your environment clean as litter becomes a hiding place for mosquitoes. Ensure clean surroundings and don’t let garbage accumulate in your house’s vicinity.

  • Personal protective items such as repellents and fully covered clothes play an important role in keeping the mosquitoes away from one’s body. Consult a doctor and select suitable mosquitoes for children and pregnant ladies.

  • Make your house mosquito-proof by using mosquito nets, net windows, and doors to keep mosquitoes away from the house, especially during the evening time.

  • Better the water storage facilities and sanitation levels to protect the whole community from diseases.

  • Eat healthy food to boost the immune response and keep the diseases at bay.

  • Mop the house every day and use insect sprays in the evening to limit the mosquitoes in the house.

  • Wear thicker light coloured fabrics with loose fittings as dark colours attract bugs, and tight-fitting doesn’t provide the required protection as loose-fitting does.

“As they say, prevention is better than cure; one needs to take care of themselves to remain healthy and fit. To begin with, put Kerosene or Turpentine oil on water surfaces nearby your home to restrict mosquito breeding as these oils will disrupt larvae formation. Don’t let water get accumulated in containers, tyres, or coconut shells. Always empty these and dispose them off. Water storing containers should be kept under the hot sun after every 6 days for them to dry up well. The heat will kill the larvae thus, restricting mosquito breeding. People who have an old fridge model should clean their exterior tray present at the back regularly as they become breeding grounds. Wear full clothes, use nets and mosquito repellents for better health.” - Dr. Jayashree Natesh, CGH

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