Preparations to vaccinate 60,000 citizens daily

Preparations to vaccinate 60,000 citizens daily

Nashik: The Corona vaccine is expected to be available after the second week of January. In this regard, the district administration has completed preparations for vaccination. A team of 100 people has been formed and one team can vaccinate 600 people against the disease.

"The population of the district is about 60 lakh. The administration has planned to vaccinate 60,000 people daily," informed District Collector Suraj Mandhare. A review meeting on COVID-19 was held on Saturday in key presence of Guardian Minister Chhagan Bhujbal at the District Collectorate.

The IIT team from Delhi has developed a Corona Vaccination App and accordingly a message will be sent to every citizen for vaccination, which will begin in the third week of January.

Altogether 600 teams, each consisting of one hundred employees, have been formed to implement vaccination. 650 booths will be set up in line with the election. Five people will monitor the booth. Each booth will have per day capacity to vaccinate hundred people. Preference will be given to health workers. The second dose should be taken 21 or 28 days after the first dose of vaccine. The message will tell you when to take the dose, informed by the administration.

Vaccine to be injected into muscle

The coronavirus vaccine will be injected into muscle. Ambulances will be kept ready at each booth. Each vaccine will be of 4.6 ml and
will have to finish the single dose on the same day. The vaccine will be kept safe by maintaining a cold chain. The syringe is auto disabled.

Three separate cells for vaccination

Special arrangements will be made for three tier rooms for vaccination in Zilla Parishad schools and other places. The first room will be for waiting. Vaccination will be done in the second cell. The third room will be for vaccine observation. The beneficiary will be stopped for half an hour after the vaccination. Care will be taken to ensure that the citizen is not harmed after vaccination. All these rooms will be ventilated.

The Corona vaccine is optional and not mandatory. Misconceptions about vaccination are spreading. It is a misconception that once a Corona occurs it does not return. Therefore, everyone should get himself / herself vaccinated.

- Chhagan Bhujbal, Guardian Minister

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