Power lines hanging in Shevge Darna

Power lines hanging in Shevge Darna

NASHIK: The power lines in one of the fields in Shevge Darna; are hanging for the past month, and even the electricity pole is bent. The condition poses a threat to cattle, farmers, and even villagers as a short circuit can lead to loss of life and even financial loss. The condition remains the same for the past month, and farm labourers fear accident while working in the field.

Villagers have alleged their requests are falling on deaf ears as the electricity board refuses to take any action despite repeated complaints from them. They have questioned the authorities, stating who will be responsible if any untoward incident happens.

The electric pole adjacent to the three-phase DP near Laxmimata temple in Shevge Darna has fallen since last month, and the electric wires on it are broken and lying on the ground.

Despite repeated complaints, Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd refuses to repair the faulty pole. Therefore, villagers demanded the electricity distribution company to initiate repairs immediately or else the villagers will stage a severe agitation against the company.

Ashok Palde, Hiraman Palde, Hirabai Kasar, Sharad Kasar, Bhaskar Palde, Kachru Palde, Bajirao Palde, Shivnath Palde, Dinkar Palde, Devchand Palde and others have put forth the demand.

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