Potholes near Vijaynagar flyover to be filled

Potholes near Vijaynagar flyover to be filled

NASHIK: Potholes are becoming a huge problem for people residing near the Vijaynagar flyover, thus making their travel difficult. The potholes not only damage the vehicles but also put citizens’ lives at risk. As the leaders push the responsibility of the repair works on each other, the residents have to suffer the consequences.

Speaking of students studying at Nutan Vidyalaya, their lives are also at risk as the school is adjacent to one of the busiest roads, and the potholes create severe traffic congestion. Already Vijaynagar residents and students are facing problems while entering and exiting the school or the area due to continuous rains. With the addition of potholes, their travel gets worse.

Vijaynagar residents and Nutan Vidyalaya officials have tried reaching Deolali Cantonment Board and Bhagur Municipal Council several times. However, as the road falls under Public Works Department’s Sinnar division, the board and council couldn’t help much.

One of the main issues caused by the potholes is that the students are not able to reach school on time and the parking space is waterlogged the whole time. Potholes lead to traffic jams and minor accidents regularly.

When Deshdoot Times contacted the PWD department Sinnar division’s engineer, he assured of getting these potholes filled in a day or two. Hopefully, the potholes causing trouble to everyone would get filled very soon as PWD has assured of the same. They have already ordered the material near the road that needs repairs. The officials even stated the work got delayed due to the continuous rains.

Nutan Vidyalaya was kept shut following the incessant rains lashing the district. Now, if the concerned officials fill the potholes as soon as possible, students, residents, and even school staff will breathe a sigh of relief.

Due to the blame game ongoing between the political parties and the PWD department, the work kept on getting delayed. However, with assurance from the Sinnar division’s office, things might get better soon. The concerned officials should initiate the work as the area has become an ‘accident-prone’ zone. Safe travel is the right of all citizens, and timely work can prevent unforeseen accidents in future.

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