Positive response to Smart Parking Says NMSCDCL
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Positive response to Smart Parking Says NMSCDCL

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


The Nashik Municipal Smart City Development Company Limited (NMSCDCL) recently started the Smart Parking facility in city. The project under the Nashik Smart City initiative is introduced to solve the parking issue in city. On primary basis, there are 15 parking spots in the city which are made available for Nashikites with 13 on-street parking and 2 off-street parking places. The NMSCDCL has informed that the initiative has received a huge response from Nashikites.

The Smart Parking has been used by 6,515 vehicles in city till Friday. Out of the 6,515 vehicles, 4,743 were four-wheelers and around 2,172 two-wheelers. The numbers have been collected in last 10 days by the Smart Parking project. The charges of the smart parking are Rs 5 per hour for two-wheelers and Rs 10 for four-wheelers on hourly basis. For the first 30 minutes the parking is totally free and after that the charges are applied.

The officials from NMSCDCL informed that the response is expected to the project. The Nashikites are using the service which has been made available for them. It is expected that the numbers will increase further. The remaining parking spaces will also be made available soon.

Smart Parking: Currently, smart parking system has been implemented at 15 places in city on primary basis. Sensors have been installed wherever smart parking is located, with marking of parking lots. That is, if any four-wheeler is parked in a smart parking lot, the sensors will detect it. By this, the control room of smart parking will create a data on how many vehicles are parked in smart parking at any given time on live basis. If one is in a hurry, a parking spot can be selected in the nearby place available on Nashik Smart Parking App. Online payment can be easily done on the app. The displays near the parking lots will also inform about the available lots of parking.

1.Sadhu Vaswani Road near Kulkarni Garden (on both sides of on-street parking road)
2. Kulkarni Garden to BSNL Office (On-street parking)
3. Jyoti Store / Rishikesh Hospital to Gangapur Naka (On-street parking on both sides of the road)
4. Front and rear (on-street parking) of Pramod Mahajan Garden
5. Gangapur Naka to Jehan Circle (On-street parking on both sides of the road)
6. Jehan Circle to Guruji Hospital (On-street parking)
7. Jehan Circle to ABB (on-street parking)
8. Guruji Hospital to Pipeline Road (On-street parking)
9. Modak Point to Khadakali Road (On-street parking)
10. Shalimar to Nehru Garden (on-street parking)
11. Thatte Nagar Road (On-street parking street)
12. Shraddha Petrol Pump to Westside Mall (On-street parking)
13. Canada Corner to Vissela (On-street parking)
14. BD Bhalekar High School Ground, Shalimar (Off-street parking)
15. Annals Hospital (off-street parking)