Porcupine rescued

Combined efforts of Eco Echo Foundation and forest department
Porcupine rescued

NASHIK: The Echo Echo Foundation and Nashik's Forest Department successfully rescued a fully grown adult porcupine on Wednesday, near Samangaon. After its rescue, the mammal was immediately released into its habitat.

Railway Police Force was completing regular check-ups in its territory, Railway Police Force Training Centre; C. Rly, Samangaon, when they witnessed the mammal stuck in a small tank (12-13 feet deep), used to store water. On noticing its presence, the force immediately contacted Vaibhav Bhogale (Wildlife Warden, Eco Echo Foundation member) for a rescue operation.

The foundation's four members and Govind Pandre (Van Rakshak; Forest Department) reached the spot with all the required equipment to release it in its natural habitat. The members lowered the ladder in the tank and tried directing it to enter the hand net. The porcupine was aggressive and tried to ward off the net by displaying its sharp spines/quills.

After a few attempts, the team managed to trap it and released it into the wild shortly. Bhogale got the rescue call around 5:30 - 6:00 p.m., and the team completed the rescue within an hour. Due to its sharp spines and aggressive nature, the members couldn't take a thorough look at it to gather the mammal's details.

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