Rural areas worst hit by rain

Poor condition of roads causing vehicle, health damage
Rural areas worst hit by rain

Trimbakeshwar: Who should pay vehicle wear and tear caused by bad roads? If the government collects taxes, it is bound to provide good infrastructure including roads.

Why is that roads are ripped off, potholed or tattered after rains? Why the situation repeats itself every year? Who is to blame? Why isn’t any action taken against the contractor or officials for this?

The government should either compensate the motorists and recover the amount from contractors and officials. These were issues raised by residents and motorists when asked about condition of roads. The pothole-ridden roads in Trimbakeshwar and adjacent connecting areas not only cause inconvenience to motorists but also add to their financial burden.

They have to spend more on maintenance of vehicles that get damaged more. It is blamed that government has neglected road development works in Trimbakeshwar taluka after the last Kumbh Mela when a large portion of fund was allocated and spent on road development in this temple town. Basically, poor quality roads have been built in this area and they are now exposed by rain.

Especially the roads in the rural areas are worst hit, shepherds and motorists are suffering.

The recent heavy rains deteriorated road condition in some parts of the area. Some roads have lost concrete and tar from its surface. It is demanded that the public works department should pay attention. In some places, for example, the Beelva Tirth road is neglected by the Trimbakeshwar municipal council.

During the Simhastha Kumbh Mela, two offices of the Public Works Department were opened in the region. After the construction of major roads during the Kumbh Mela, the roads in the rural areas however have remained neglected. The roads where gravel was laid washed away. Similar complaints about Hed Pada Torgan Road came in between. The woman had to be brought for delivery through the Doli.

The road to Pimpalad, the road leading to Mauli Dham is similarly in disrepair. It is demanded that the government should pay immediate attention. Ganapat Bari is not directly connected to the road but soil erosion on the route posing danger.

Demand for intervntion of MP, MLAs is increasing. Citizens have levelled serious allegation that Panchayat Samiti members were not paying attention to the worsening road condition. It is understood that some roads have been approved but the work has not started yet.

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