Poor condition of road causing accidents, say citizens

Poor condition of road causing accidents, say citizens

NASHIK: Due to the creation of grave potholes on the main road leading to taluka’s Malegaon MIDC area, there has been an increase in the number of accidents of two-wheelers. Hundreds of industries are located in Malegaon MIDC, and there is 24-hour traffic of workers with heavy vehicles. However, for the past several years, the main road from Jindal Phata to FDC Company has been washed away, and there are several big potholes on the road.

The workers have alleged road’s poor condition is being ignored even though workers and entrepreneurs have often complained about the road. Instead of repairing the road or constructing a new road, the officials have dug the roadside from Jindal Phata to the FDC company. Due to the dug-up road, the workers can’t even move from the roadside. Also, drivers find it difficult to descend from the road to the side. As the road is dug up from both sides, drivers find it difficult to overtake other vehicles, thus leading to accidents and traffic congestion.

Even drivers of heavy vehicles park their vehicles on the road due to the ongoing work on the roadside. Therefore, the road witnesses traffic congestion regularly. Due to the accumulation of silt on the road, many motorists have slipped in the monsoon season. The condition of night shift workers is worse as they are not able to spot potholes at night. Workers and industrialists have warned of severe agitation if the concerned officials don’t repair the road immediately.

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