Police recover a fine of Rs 5.5 lakh

Towing operation
Police recover a fine of Rs 5.5 lakh

NASHIK: The city police have collected a fine of Rs.5.5 lakh from unruly vehicle owners of Nashik city within 15 days of the towing operation. The police took action against a total of 1,028 two-wheelers and 422 fourwheelers. They initiated towing van operation in the city a fortnight ago to curb the traffic congestion arising due to illegal parking. To discipline the errant drivers, the police’s traffic branch initiated towing from July 7th and began picking up vehicles parked in the ‘No-Parking’ zone from the important roads of the city.

The branch is taking strict actions against such drivers at ten important places in the CBS and Shalimar area, namely, space opposite to highway bus stand, mall area at Untwadi, Ravivar Karanja, and other no-parking zones in Panchavati. The branch has three crane vans and four tempos to tow the vehicles parked in the no parking zone. The towed vehicles are shifted to the transport branch office on Sharanpur Road.

The owners get their vehicle’s possession once they pay the complete amount of the fine. Also, if vehicle owners reach the spot while the vehicle is being towed, the traffic branch officer, along with the concerned staff, can charge them the fine amount specified by the government, and return their vehicle on the spot. As per the government guidelines, both two and four-wheeler owners need to pay of fine of Rs.200 for illegal parking.

However, the towing cost is included in the fine. For two-wheelers, the rate is Rs.90, while for four-wheelers, the rate is Rs.350. Police have imposed a total fine of Rs.5,30,220 on owners for illegal parking in the city. They have collected Rs.2,98,120 from two-wheelers’ owners and Rs.2,32,100 from four-wheeler owners.

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