Police crackdown on miscreants at Goda ghat

Police crackdown on miscreants at Goda ghat

NASHIK: On the backdrop of increasing complaints against miscreants at Goda ghat, the police has decided to drive away the miscreants from the area by conducting lathi charge, informed Ashok Bhagat, Senior Police Inspector, Panchavati police station. The locals have expressed satisfaction over the fact that the police have started taking action. Many had lodged verbal complaints at the Panchavati police station about illegal activities in the Gangaghat area and looting of tourists and devotees by swindlers.

Ashok Bhagat, a senior inspector of Panchavati police station, has taken serious note of this. In the evening, a team of women sub-inspectors Ashwini Ubale, Naik M M Sanap, Kalyani Pingale, Ramesh Dhumse and Kunal Pathnore from Panchavati police station reached Gangaghat area and conducted operation against the miscreants in areas of Dahipool, Sant Gadge Maharaj bridge, Gauri Patangan, Sandvyachi devi, old vegetable market, Vasatigriha, Gornandi Mahadev temple and Kapaleshwar temple.

Local citizens and businessmen in the area have expressed satisfaction over the action taken by the police and demanded that the action be continued on a daily basis. It was learned that many miscreants were sitting in Gangaghat area even when there was no work. Also, there were many complaints from the citizens that these thugs were harassing the women and bullying the common people. Therefore, this action has been initiated.

"From now on, if any miscreant is found in Ramkund and Gangaghat areas, legal action will be taken against him." - Ashok Bhagat, senior PI, Panchavati

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