Police clamp down on violators

Police clamp down on violators


In the wake of the death rate of two-wheeler riders in bike accidents in Nashik, the police commissioner has made helmets compulsory. In the meantime, the action in this regard was cooling down, but yesterday the police started the action again the rule violators.

Since the morning, police teams have been deployed at various intersections, and signals, along with the main roads in important squares of the city. Penal action was taken against 161 vehicle drivers who were driving without helmets. Similarly, action has been taken against ten people who broke the signal and three people who entered the Oneway and a total fine of Rs 87000 has been recovered.

The then Commissioner of Police, Deepak Pandey, had made helmets compulsory in Nashk by conducting various activities like No helmet, No entry and No helmet No petrol, and counselling two-wheeler rides who did not use helmets for two hours.

But after his transfer, the helmet enforcement campaign had slowed down. It came to light that 83 bikers had died due to the non-use of helmets, which led Police Commissioner Jayant Naiknaware to take a strict stand and order a penalty of Rs 500 for not wearing a helmet.

This special operation was started on 1 December 2022. This action is being taken after the arrival of the new police commissioner. The action was taken against bike riders who did not use helmets at various places and fines were collected from them. Meanwhile, since this operation will continue daily, the police are appealing to the two-wheeler riders to use helmets and cooperate with the police.

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