Petrol prices hit century-mark in Nashik

Common man suffering the brunt
Petrol prices hit century-mark in Nashik

NASHIK: Petrol prices, which had been stable due to lack of demand during the lockdown, have started rising rapidly after the lifting of restrictions and are now hit the Rs-100- a-liter mark. In the last 19 days, the price of diesel has gone up by Rs 13 and petrol by Rs 11. Inflation is expected to rise due to rising fuel prices.

The last few years have seen a sharp rise in petrol and diesel prices, which have seen huge differences in rates. In particular, petrol and diesel prices have come to a similar level in some parts of the country. Before the lockdown in the state, the price of petrol in the district was Rs 95 and diesel Rs 85 in March.

In the months of April and May, as the citizens were at home, the demand was low. As a result, the prices had come down, but after lifting of the lockdown restrictions, petrol price jumped directly from Rs 95 to Rs 100, while diesel price, on the other hand, has risen from Rs 87 to Rs 92. With petrol and diesel prices going up by 15 to 20 paise per day, motorists fear that the rates will touch Rs 150 per litre in the near future.

"The petrol prices hit the Rs 100-a-litre in Nashik. Petrol prices have gone up everywhere in Nashik city and across the district. Many customers express their anger at the petrol pump. The main reasons for the change in petrol price are the price of crude oil in the international market, the exchange rate of the dollar, various taxes of the state and central government, the method of daily rate change adopted by the central government." - Vijay Thakre, vice president, State Petrol Dealers Association

Rickshaw drivers feeling helpless

The government has allowed rickshaw drivers to drive with a single passenger. However, due to the skyrocketing price of petrol, it is becoming difficult to drive with only one passenger. As the fare collected ends up in the petrol, it becomes difficult to pay for other bills and save money for daily needs. A question has been raised by the Rickshaw Drivers Association that how rickshaw drivers should live in such conditions. The rickshaw drivers’ association also demanded that the government should immediately reduce taxes and bring down the prices.

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