Petrol-diesel: Rising prices affecting common people

Petrol-diesel: Rising prices affecting common people

NASHIK: Petrol and diesel prices have risen sharply in the last two to three months. These rising prices are affecting common citizens and making it difficult to manage daily expenses. Fuel prices and costs of other essential commodities are rising, but salaries are not increasing. All this is affecting the daily life of common citizens.

The middle-class families are suffering the brunt. Several organizations and political parties in the city staged agitations to protest the hike in petrol and diesel prices. Deshdoot Times has sought the views of some common citizens, farmers, businessmen on the rising prices of petrol and diesel.

Due to Corona, many citizens have shut down their businesses in the past year due to business losses. In addition, many lost their jobs. This has reduced income, however, the daily expenses have increased. Today, petrol and diesel have become essential for everyone. Every couple of days, we have to fill petrol or diesel in car and bike. The government should reduce the price of petrol and diesel considering the current financial condition of the common man. - Mayur Dhokne, farmer

I lost my cool once the petrol rates crossed the Rs. 100 mark. Already my mom was getting half salary, I couldn’t bear this. As a result, I asked my family to switch to e-bikes. I was not sure of its services at first, but they look promising and pocket-friendly. - Aditya Mahajan

The fuel prices are rising continuously for the past few days. It is difficult for citizens to drive their vehicles. The common man is still struggling with the financial crisis due to the Corona pandemic. The salaries of many people have been reduced. Petrol and diesel will be affordable only if the dearness allowance is increased for the employees. Some farmers come to the city to buy farm-related things from the village. Farm produce is not getting the prices they want. Only if farmers are given guaranteed prices then they will be able to afford fuel. - Krishna Bodke, businessman and farmer

This rise in petrol and diesel prices is affecting all works of the daily life of every Indian citizen. The increasing fuel prices making life difficult for the common man. This continuously rising petrol and diesel prices affected mostly Into the middle-class family - Vishwas Ketkar, common man

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