People save calf’s life

People save calf’s life

DEOLALI CAMP: In yet another heartwarming incident at Deolali Camp, the Cantonment Board of Deolali’s staff and a Rotary member saved a calf’s life by timely response and cooperation.

A calf fell into a ditch in Cantonment General Hospital’s premises, and even after trying consistently, wasn’t able to get out of it. The scene created a tense atmosphere among hospital staff members, and everyone started looking for ways to help. Concurrently, Rotary Member Vijay Shetty immediately informed the officials of Sharan for Animals (a private organisation that rescues and treats animals) about the incident and waited for their arrival.

Cantonment staff workers and other members worked together to remove the calf from the ditch and successfully saved its life. As per the information provided by Health Inspectors Shivraj Chavan and Atul Munde, the calf was grazing in an open field adjacent to the hospital’s area, and suddenly, it fell into the ditch, and the calf’s mother became restless.

As a result, they contacted Shetty, who further connected to Sharanya Shetty of Sharan for Animals. The organisation’s timely response and the board members’ attentive nature saved the calf. Shetty informed that the calf is in the organisation’s shelter for further treatment.

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