People continue to flout norms

People continue to flout norms

NASHIK: The strict lockdown in Nashik city was relaxed from Monday. As a result, people in large numbers thronged to Ravivar Karanja, Main Road, Ashoka Stambh, Shalimar and other market places of the city. It is feared that Covid-19 cases will increase once again if people behave in such a way.

While vegetable markets and grocery shops witnessed rush, even banks were no exception to it. Even though all kinds of essentials were available in the market throughout the last ten days, people still had to flood the market on the 11th day. The question that arises amid the current scenario is how the situation will improve if people keep turning a blind eye to all the norms.

The case graph is witnessing a decline, but the virus still exists. Earlier, the district was witnessing around 4000 cases per day. Now, the number has come down to 1000-1500. The recovery rate of the district has improved. It was all possible due to the hard work of residents and concerned authorities.

The District Collector had passed an important message three days prior stating that the fight isn’t over. The same residents, who fought the virus and won, will be held accountable for the next wave if they don’t start following the norms seriously. The concept of SMS (Social Distancing, Mask, and Sanitizer) holds utmost importance in the fight against the virus.

New Nashik - Citizens in large numbers rushed to the market to buy groceries and vegetables. Vegetable markets in Trimurti Chowk, Pawan Nagar and Upendra Nagar witnessed the crowd of people. Grocery stores were no exception to this.

Nashik Road - The situation in the Nashik Road area was no different. Vegetable markets and grocery shops at Jail Road, Nashik Road and Deolaligaon witnessed the crowd. There were occasional traffic jams at Bytco Chowk, Jail Road, Dutt Mandir Chowk due to the number of vehicles. A large number of citizens had been out of their houses since morning to buy groceries, vegetables, fruits and other necessities.

Old Nashik - The vegetable vendors had set up their stalls in the area from 7 am on Monday. Grocery shops were also opened, Vendors selling food items, hotels providing parcel facilities also resumed their business from Monday Citizens gathered in large number to buy the essential items and vegetables.

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