Pension scheme: Rush at collectorate to submit life certificate

Pension scheme: Rush at collectorate to submit life certificate

Nashik: Beneficiaries under Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Pension Yojana are queueing up at the District Collectorate to submit life cerfiticate in order to avail various benefits offered under the scheme.

In case the beneficiaries fail submit their life certificates (proof of survival) before the deadline of March 31st, their benefits being offered under the scheme will stop functioning from April 1. More than 9,000 beneficiaries in the city avail benefit under the Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana.

Under the scheme, direct financial benefits are given to eligible beneficiaries. For this, they are required to submit life certificate every year. But often it happens that ineligible/fake beneficiaries are found taking undue advantage of the scheme in the name of the genuine/legal beneficiary.

Therefore, the registered beneficiary will have to submit his/her life certificate to the government in the month of March every year to avoid its misuse.

Accordingly, even at this time, all the beneficiaries are rushing to submit their life certificate in person at Nashik city office. For those elderly or sick beneficiaries who are enable to visit the office in person, the concerned government employees pay visit to the house of these beneficiaries to collect their life certificate after ensuring authenticity of it. However some beneficiaties are brought directly to the office by vehicle.

Tehsildar Gawli has appealed to all the beneficiaries to submit their life certificates before March 31. In addition, those who have gone outstation will be given benefits only after submitting their proofs. With only one and a half month is left to collect the certificates, the office is getting crowded to submit the life certificates.

Beneficiaries should submit their life certificates to the office of Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana before March 31.

- Deepali Gawli, Tehsildar, Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Pension Scheme

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