Parking work at Ramkund moving at snail’s pace

Pit poses danger of mishap, mosquito menace, nuisance
Parking work at Ramkund moving at snail’s pace

NASHIK: Although several months have passed since the NMC took up construction work at the Ramkund parking lot, it is progressing at a snail’s pace. With only the foundation work near completion, the project is set to miss the deadline announced by the civic body. Groundwater seepage due to the shallow water table was affecting the progress of foundation work.

Drainage pipeline work is underway along the road at the Ramkund parking lot. Due to the rains, the work here was closed for a few months. Work resumed here after the end of the monsoon. A pit was dug for that work. However, the work has again stalled for the past month. This has increased the possibility of mishap and breeding of mosquitoes in this water filled pit. The stench of the stagnant water is also spread due to the mixing of sewage in this accumulated water.

The work is currently underway on the parking lot road at Ramkund along Holkar bridge. This work was stopped for a few months due to the rising water level of Godavari due to rains. It has now been resumed. Work has started here and excavation has been done for the drainage line. In this excavation, a large pit has been dug for the construction of the chamber near the south steps of the Chatusampradaya Akhada.

After digging in this pit, the work here has again stopped. Over the last few days, the crowd of devotees and tourists has increased in the area of Ramkund and Godaghat. As a result, the number of vehicles approaching the Ramkund parking lot has also increased. It is feared to be dangerous as this is a large pothole right next to the road.

The water in the pit is stagnant. Mosquito breeding is likely to increase in the stagnant water as sewage is also getting mixed in it. Therefore, the citizens here have sprayed mosquito repellent in this water.

This dangerous pit is not being filled. However, the porcelain machine required for that work has been deployed at the location. This machine occupies a large space. This is causing problems for vehicular movement. The devotees, visitors, and traders have demanded that the work should be started and completed as soon as possible.

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