Park Citilinc buses at the assigned spot: NCP

Park Citilinc buses at the assigned spot: NCP

NASHIK: The Citilinc bus drivers park their buses on Tapovan Road, near the bus stand and cause grave inconvenience to citizens. Their inappropriate parking causes traffic congestion and commuters suffer due to them.

Congress Party’s youth wing city president Ambadas Khaire, along with the delegation, submitted a letter to NMPML’s General Manager Milind Bund demanding an immediate solution to the parking issue or else; the party will lodge a complaint with police in this regard. To their complaint, Bund replied that they will shift the buses to the Nashikroad Bus Stop area within 15 days.

Nashik Municipal Corporation kick-started the bus services to aid the residents. The corporation even assigned a parking spot for these buses in front of Shri. Janardan Swami Ashram at Tapovan. As the assigned parking spot is near the main road, the city bus service employees don’t park the vehicles at their spot. Instead, they park the buses on both sides of the road, thus causing grave inconvenience to citizens.

Citizens who use this road for morning and evening walks can’t use the roadside due to the parked buses and need to walk in the middle of the road. As all the buses leave at same time in the morning, there’s a huge traffic jam on the Aurangabad highway. Also, as the buses are parked on both sides, chances of accidents increase tremendously. If citizens question the employees over illegal parking, the latter use foul language to communicate.

Also, even though many local residents commute through Tapovan Road, the bus drivers drive at high speed at the road purposely. Also, many residents have complained that any bus drivers skip the bus stops if they are driving fast. As per the party members, if bus employees continue parking on the main road, the members will file a police complaint against the company.

A large number of office bearers, including Shadab Syed, Nitin-Bala Nigal, Jai Kotwal, Kiran Pankar, Vikrant Dahale, Dr. Sandeep Chavan, Santosh Bhujbal, Sandeep Khaire, Santosh Jagtap, Sagar Bedarkar, Vishal Doke, Rahul Kamankar, Swapnil Wagh, Rameshwar Sable and others were present at the occasion.

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