‘Parivartan’ in MVP; Thakare era begins

‘Parivartan’ in MVP; Thakare era begins

NASHIK: The Maratha Vidya Prasarak (MVP) Samaj Sanstha election, which attracted the attention of the entire district, has finally seen a change of power after 20 years of long wait.

The Parivartan Panel led by Adv Nitin Thakare, MLA Manikrao Kokate and Balasaheb Kshirasagar has registered a landslide victory to bag 20 out of 21 seats with a resounding margin, shaking the one-handed power of late Dr Vasant Pawar, and Neelima Pawar for 20 years.

All the candidates of the Parivartan Panel won with a huge margin, except Dr Sunil Dhikle, the Presidential candidate of the Pragati Panel.

Adv Nitin Thakare defeated incumbent General Secretary Neelima Pawar by a huge margin of 1261 votes in an eye-catching General Secretary election. But the presidential candidate MLA Manikrao Kokate had to face defeat.

After the polling for 21 executive board seats on Sunday (August 28), the counting of votes began on Monday (Aug 29) morning. The last result came at 4:30 am in the early morning of Tuesday.

New executives take charge

Newly elected General Secretary of MVP Adv Nitin Thakare, Chairman Balasaheb Kshirasagar, Vice President Vishwas More, Director Dr Sayajirao Gaikwad, Laxman Landge, Deola member Vijay Pagar MVP’s certified auditor Rajaram Baste took charge by holding the first meeting with the Education Officer yesterday.

"This is the victory of Karmaveer’s ideology. Corruption and injustice to sevaks were rampant. The victory is not mine but everyones. I will ensure how the organisation will rise." - Adv Nitin Thakare, General Secretary, MVP, Nashik

Votes polled


  • Dr Sunil Uttamrao Dhikale : 4937 (winner)

  • Adv Manikrao Kokate : 4628

Vice President

  • Vishwas Bapurao More: 4968 (winner)

  • Diliparao Tukaram More : 4494


  • Balasaheb Ramnath Kshirsagar : 5225 (winner)

  • Manikrao Madhavrao Boraste : 4346

Vice Chairman

  • Devram Baburao Mogal : 5042 (winner)

  • Dr Vilas Keda Bachhav : 4371

General Secretary

  • Adv Nitin Baburao Thakare: 5396 (winner)

  • Neelima Vasantrao Pawar: 4135

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