Parents’ varied reactions to schools reopening

Parents’ varied reactions to schools reopening
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NASHIK: The state government recently announced the reopening of secondary schools in the state while following the pandemic’s SOPs (standard operating procedures). The schools are ready to reopen and waiting for the local authorities’ order to start functioning once again.

The government has ordered reopening of Classes 5th to 12th in rural areas and Classes 8th to 12th in urban areas. The state education department conducted a survey, and Education Minister Varsha Gaikwad stated that 70% parents preferred the reopening of schools. However, to know what the citizens of Nashik feel, Deshdoot Times interviewed them.

Social Alienation

“I personally feel that the schools need to reopen as soon as possible because I have seen my child turn into a 'socially alienated being' in the pandemic. He was an extrovert and didn’t even say at home for an hour. Either classes or playing on the ground, he used to keep himself busy the whole. However, I have seen him turn into a completely different person now. He’s on social media apps all day, watching web series or movies. He doesn’t talk much to anyone in the house. Not only to the house members, but he even avoids speaking to his classmates on the phone or chat. Also, he doesn’t speak in his online class. He likes to stay alone. I understand that this transformation might be a natural change and has nothing to do with the pandemic; I have seen him getting anxious in public now. I don’t want to be like this for the rest of his life. Once the school reopens. I think he will gel into the old routine once again.” - Sneha Dalwani, Housewife


“I have seen my girl use Instagram and Facebook when her classes are going on. Although she’s fully attentive during the attendance part, she’s basically sleeping or watching a movie the rest of the time. Many distractions come attached to online classes. Even if the teacher asks everyone to keep their cameras on, she can’t concentrate on all kids at once. The scenario is different in physical classes. She can’t escape the classes. I have seen her turn into a couch potato, and I don’t wish to see her like this anymore. I want the classes to reopen as soon as possible.” - Eamy Galhotra, Teacher/Parent

Virus’s fear

“I want the school to reopen, but at the same time, I fear the pandemic till date. I have lost my husband to the virus, and I don’t want to lose my children. I know education holds utmost importance in a person’s life, but I can’t express how worried I am about my children. I know the school will follow all the protocols strictly, but I am still paranoid of the reopening decision.”- Jaya Natesh, Parent

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