Paper bags: Guide to eco-friendly living

Paper bags: Guide to eco-friendly living

NASHIK: We’ve left behind use of plastic carry bags less than 120 microns to protect environment, wildlife and live a healthy lifestyle. Today the world is celebrating Paper Bag Day with aims to spread awareness about using paper bags instead of plastic to help re- duce plastic waste that take thousands of years to decompose. By using paper bags, the environment can be saved from pollution.

Paper bags are an environmentfriendly alternative to the harmful plastic bags. Paper bags can be reused and generates no pollution. This is the point why both as a business owner as well a customer they should promote the use of the same. Paper bags are gaining importance as these bags are 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable and at the same time environment friendly.

Deshdoot Times spoke to some constituents of the society who have recognised its importance and innumerable benefits, be it manufacturers and suppliers, retailers or today’s budding generation who has made it a habit to live a healthy lifestyle.

I like to use paper bags because they are eco-friendly and pose less threat to animals. More importantly, we can easily make it at home using waste paper material. - Lavanya Chavan (9-yr), Nashik

Road Paper bags are very easy to carry, store, reuse and dispose of. These are environmentfriendly and save rivers from pollution. - Ritesh Londhe (11-yr), Mhasrul

I simply love paper bags because of their attractive nature, low cost and hygiene. They can easily be made with the use of homely paper material to make them more attractive and colourful. - Ishwari Wagh (8-yr), Nashik

I forayed into the paper bag business with the thinking of creating a new industry that would be inclusive and that would keep the environment in balance. Paper bags are in high demand. We get raw material of craft paper from the factory and process it to make paper bag. There is a huge demand from wholesalers, hawkers, hoteliers. - Vaibhav Sharma, paper bags manufacturer

Paper waste is in high demand for making paper bags. At wholesale rates, we provide waste to professionals. The paper bag is an option to stop the use of plastic, it should be used. - Shekhar Khond, trash professional

Plastic is a decomposable substance. Citizens throw garbage with plastic bags in the streets, in the river. All other substances except plastic decompose; Animals and birds are more likely to suffer from plastic as well. Plastic pollution is also rampant in the river. Therefore, Nashikites should use paper bags as a priority, for which the administration should also take strict steps. - Chandrakishore Patil, environmentalist

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