Palanquin procession marks traffic safety

Palanquin procession marks traffic safety

Nashik: A clear cut message and awareness on traffic safety was given in an unique way in a palanquin procession organised at Mukhed in the district. On the occasion of 26th death anniversary of Harinath Maharaj, disciple of Saint Vithamai - the disciple of Gorakshanath, was observed at Mukhed.

Amidst drumbeats of taal mridang, villagers took out a palanquin procession in the presence of Dinanath Sevekari, Harinath Warkari Shikshan Sanstha as well as villagers. On the occasion, a traffic safety campaign was undertaken in the palanquin festival.

Use of helmets, avoid accidents, follow traffic rules, control speed, do not blow unnecessary horns and do not drink and drive etc messages were flashed on placards.

On the occasion, Prakash Kangane honoured Dr Sandeep Bhanose, who has set a world record by carrying out a continuous traffic safety campaign for 1000 days, with a shawl and a coconut.

Gangapur residents Satish Maharaj Mohalkar, Prakash Kangane, Amol Joshi, Shriram Maharaj, Santosh Sonawane, Govind Kasar, Rajiv Joshi, Pushkar Deshpande, Jaywant Kulkarni, Amod Vesikar and Balasaheb Rajguru from Harinath Bhakt family among the devotees participated in thist unique traffic safety awareness campaign which had a spiritual touch.

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