Paddy procurement in district may be delayed

75,000 gunny bags to be sought
Paddy procurement in district may be delayed

Nashik: The paddy procurement including maize in Nashik district is likely to be delayed as there is shortage of gunny bags. Considering this, a total of 75,000 gunny bags have been sought from Kolkata.

Though there is shortage of gunny bags for paddy procurement in the district, no serious consideration has been given to this. The government has already permitted for paddy procurement including maize in district on minimum support price. The buying centres have also been started for this purpose.

Seeing the shortage of gunny bags, Dr Deeppal Girase visited the district collectorate and complained about shortage of gunny bags on behalf of those farmers who have made their registrations at a buying centre which has been started under Nampur Vividh Vikas Society at Nampur. He met resident deputy district collector Bhagwat Doifode and tabled their issue to him.

A total of 471 farmers have made their registrations in Vividh Vikas Society. As there is shortage of gunny bags they are not getting dates for purchase of their maize and demanded to buy the maize immediately. Doifode then summoned officials of marketing federation and district supply officer and assured in writing to make 2500 gunny bags available within two days.

There is shortage of gunny bags in entire state. Gunny bags which are being received from the supply department are making available. The gunny bags are being checked as they are found sub-standard many times. In addition, 75,000 gunny bags will be available from Kolkata in a week. 500 gunny bags have been given to centre at Nampur. 2000 bags will also be made available from Yeola within two days.

- V S Ingale, district marketing officer

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