Paddy crop in danger

Paddy crop in danger

DEOLALI CAMP: The paddy crop is in danger due to a dry patch of rains for the last ten to twelve days. The farmers are now looking at their crops drying up but are helpless to do anything. Paddy is widely grown in Nanegaon, Shevgedarana, Vanjarwadi, Danwad, Rahuri, and Sansari area of Darna belt.

A quality rice crop is produced every year in this area. This year, although paddy was planted on time, but the rains started heavy only after July mid. But, from the second week of August, the rains have again taken a rest. Therefore, this crop which is standing and will be ready for harvest within a month is drying up.

Farmers have now started using well water for this crop. But the farmers are saying that the natural rainfall and the natural growth of this crop is affected by watering crop artificially. Paddy crops are mainly grown in high rainfall areas. Igatpuri taluka is at the forefront and the Girnare area in the western part of Nashik taluka is also cultivating paddy on a large scale.

In Lohshingwe, Vanjarwadi, Bhagur and Darna belts near Igatpuri, the farmers are cultivating various varieties of paddy and engage in commercial farming.

"Every year, we bring different types of rice seeds in our field and cultivate it. Paddy has been planted this year too as per the schedule. However, due to a dry patch of rains, water is being supplied through wells and other available means. So it remains to be seen to what extent this will affect the growth and yield of the crop." - Nitin Giri, Farmer, Nanegaon

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