Ozar town to be finally clean!

Ozar town to be finally clean!

OZAR: The garbage issue in Ozar is finally solved as the workers are now cleaning up the areas which were littered with garbage. The problem started in November 2021, when health workers became irregular in the daily town cleaning process. The ghantagadi (garbage trucks) visited the town only once or twice a month.

Many residents complained that when the garbage was not picked up regularly from their homes, the area used to become filthy and prone to illnesses. The wet waste started to rot, giving off a foul smell. The rotting garbage was becoming a breeding spot for cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes.

This forced the area’s residents to throw their garbage on the streets or any open area they found. The situation got much worse as from March 2022 to May 2022, the garbage trucks only came four times to pick up the garbage. The distressed residents complained many times to the authorities to clean up the area. Finally, the authorities responded, and from the first week of June, the cleaning process started. The garbage trucks are now picking up the garbage from houses every two days. Authorities are also saying they’re cleaning the streets, but no great improvements with the work and garbage is still visible on the streets.

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